In this course, the initial and periodic qualification of professional drivers who will transport goods and need a driver qualification card is carried out.
The training is carried out in compliance with the conditions of Ordinance No. 41 of the Ministry of Transport and the Directive on the initial and periodic training of professional drivers - 2003/59/EC.

The courses are for initial and recurrent training.

1. Initial qualification course
Professional drivers with driving licenses of categories D1, D1E, D, DE acquired after September 10, 2008 and categories C1, C1E, C, CE acquired after September 10, 2009 are subject to initial qualification training.

1.1 Full course:
280 hours of theory, of which 20 hours of practice
Requirements for drivers:
for categories C and CE – 18 years of age.
for categories D and DE - 21 years of age.

1.2 Accelerated course:
140 hours of theory, of which 10 hours of practice
Requirements for drivers:
for categories C and CE – 21 years of age.
for categories D and DE - 23 years of age.

2. Recurrent training course
35 hours of theory, of which 5 hours of practice
For drivers who have acquired the license to drive motor vehicles of categories:
- D or DE - before 10.09.2008
- C or CE - before 10.09.2009.

Emphasis in practical training is on working with a digital tachograph, loading and securing loads and the basic elements of economical driving.

The driver qualification card is valid for 5 years.

The European Directive provides the possibility for member states to introduce a step-by-step schedule for the acquisition of the qualification card.
We present to you the schedule announced by IA "Automotive Administration", which will be applied to transports on the territory of the country.
In the event that you carry out international road transport, we advise you to create the necessary organization and complete the training course in a timely manner. Contact us if you need additional information - procedures, prices, upcoming trainings and registrations.




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