Necessary documents:
1. Identity card - 18 years old (or no more than 3 months before their birthday);
2. Diploma of completed education;
3. Current photograph.

Training includes:
I. Theoretical part:
1. Lectures: - 10 theoretical classes - held according to schedule. The necessary study aids, exam leaflets are provided free of charge;
2. Internal exam in theory: - after completion of the theoretical course - solving exam leaflets with a total of 45 questions - passing it successfully is a necessary condition for admission to the exam before the RD "Automotive Administration";
3. Theory exam before the "Automotive Administration" RD:- solving exam leaflets with a total of 45 questions - 10 penalty points are allowed - at least 87 points out of a maximum of 97 points.

II. Practical part:
1. Driving a motor vehicle: 31 motorcycle hours driving a car.
2. Internal practical exam: - after the completion of the driving lessons - successful passing is a necessary condition for admission to the practical exam before the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration".
3. Practical exam before the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration": driving the car in urban conditions with the duration of the exam from 20 to 25 minutes.

Duration of the course: from 2 to 3 months;

Other documents necessary for the traffic police when issuing the driver's license:
1. Medical certificate for cat. "B";

Online registration for the BRC course: https://firstaid.redcross.bg/home/picklocation/1




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