Necessary documents:
1. Personal card;
2. Vehicle driving license for category "B";
3. Current photograph;
4. Copy of diploma for completed education;

Training includes:
Practical part:
1. Driving a motor vehicle: 12 motorcycle hours driving a car with a trailer attached - on a test site and in urban conditions;
2. Internal practical exam: after completing the lessons on driving a motor vehicle - passing it successfully is a necessary condition for admission to a practical exam before the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration";
3. Practical exam before the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration":
- Driving the car with a trailer on the range;
- Driving the car with a trailer in urban conditions.

Duration of the course: up to 1 month;

Other documents required by the traffic police when issuing the driver's license:
1. Medical certificate for category "ВE".

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